2013-2014 Political Science Scholars

Keanen Armour is a sophmore from Traverse City, Michigan studying Political Science and Economics.  Two areas of Political Science that Armour is specifically interested in are international relations and urban politics.  After graduation, Armour plans to attend law school and eventually practice law or go into business.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Sarah Reckhow

Daniel Casey-Dunn is a sophomore from East Lansing, Michigan.  Casey-Dunn has a particular interest in election politics.  He is also studying Chinese and Asian History.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Charles Ostrom

Marcus Coffin is a junior from Davisburg, Michigan and attended Holly High School.  Coffin’s area of political science most interested in are international relations and American politics at the federal level.  Once Coffin graduates, he would like to pursue a graduate degree in some yet undecided discipline.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Michael Colaresi

Jacob Crouch is a junior originally from San Francisco, California.  Since 2007, he has lived in Stevensville in Berrien County, Southwest Michigan.  Of all the aspects of political science, he is most interested in the research and implementation of public policy.  He has a strong interest in environmental and social policy in particular.  For career prospects, he hopes to work for either an NGO or a local/state government conducting policy research.  He would also like to work on behalf of a community as a city council member, where he would attend to public administration, oversee policy implementation and serve on committees.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Sarah Reckhow

Kent Dell is a senior from Fowler, Michigan in Clinton County.  He spent 5 years in the Army Parachute Infantry and deployed to Iraq twice.  He is currently a senior in the BA-MPP Linked Program.  His areas of interest are methods of analysis and state and local policy.  When he graduates in the spring, he will finish his Masters (and maybe Ph.D.) and then stay in Michigan to work on the many economic and urban revitalization challenges facing the state.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Eric Juenke

Lauren Faulkner is a junior from the village of Fowlerville, Michigan.  Faulkner’s main interest in political science is survey research and upon graduation from the Linked Bachelor’s-Master’s Program in Public Policy plans to pursue a career as a Survey Operations Director in the field of survey research.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Josh Sapotichne

Charu Ganesh is a senior from West Bloomfield, Michigan.  Ganesh’s major is World Politics, and main interests are IR/Comparative side of political science.  Ganesh wants to attend law school after graduation and go into some type of international law.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Ben Appel

Maxwell Harder is a junior from Macomb, Michigan and is studying Communication and Economics along with Political Science.  He is most captivated by the concept of executive prerogative and also by the origins of power in government.  After graduation, he plans to get an M.A. in Communication through the Linked M.A. – B.A. Program in the MSU Communication Department, and then move on to law school.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Ryan Black

Sarah Kenney is a freshman at Michigan State University.  She graduated from Howell High School located in Howell, Michigan in the spring of 2013.  The area of Political Science that interests her the most is Conservative policy.  She is intrigued by how it has impacted the history of the United States, and how it is impacting the U.S. in present times.  Once she graduates from Michigan State she plans to further her education by attending graduate school.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Steve Kautz

Hailey Lobb is a junior from Sterling Heights, Michigan.  She is interested in environmental law, and plans to attend law school after graduation.  In addition, Candice Miller is her House representative.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Melinda Hall

Michael Mitchell is sophomore from West Bloomfield, Michigan.  The are of politics he is most interested in is American Government, specifically the workings of the executive branch.  He plans to attend law school and study to become a constitutional attorney.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Josh Sapotichne

Abigail Newton is a sophomore studying Political Science and Journalism at Michigan State University.  She grew up in a family of six kids, two parents and one obese dog in West Lafayette, Indiana.  In her future, she desires to become an investigative journalist or foreign correspondent.  She hopes to use her political science degree to report on politics in America and abroad.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Ani Sarkissian

Robert Parsons is a junior from Redford, Michigan.  Parsons has a few areas of interest within the discipline of political science.  He is interested in the judiciary, public policy, law, and anything related to the study of the presidency.  Once he graduates, he will have a Bachelors in Political Science Pre-Law and a Masters in Public Policy through the Linked Program.  From there he aspires to attend law school either at Michigan State, University of Michigan or somewhere on the west coast.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Valentina Bali

Mark Van Poppelen is a freshman from Chesterfield, Michigan.  His main interest in political science is pre-law.  After he graduates, he plans to go to law school.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Dan Lee

Adam Rabebeh is a junior from Detroit/Dearborn, but would call Northville his hometown since that is where Rabebeh’s family currently lives.  He is pursuing a degree in World Politics, and his area of interest is on international political affairs and institutions.  He would like to start working in the foreign services after obtaining a Master’s degree.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Cristina Bodea

Evan Schrage is a junior and was born just outside Buffalo, New York in 1994 but has lived in Peoria, Arizona since 1997.  Schrage came to Michigan State in the fall of 2012 and started getting interested in politics during the presidential election.  The more he studied the subject the more his focus shifted towards the legislative branch and society’s attitudes towards its actions.  This also developed into his desire to study Political parties and society’s views on Party loyalty.  He participated in a study abroad program over the summer of 2013 in the United Kingdom, and it was there that his interest in the legislative branch expanded to include comparative studies between the Houses of Parliament and the Congress of the United States.  His major has since changed to Public Policy because he believes it is the most versatile of degrees, and after he graduates from Michigan State, he plans to continue his education in order to obtain a Masters degree in Public Policy.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Matt Grossmann

Tim Sodervick is a junior from Lansing, Michigan.  He interned for a year in the Office of Rep. Hugh Crawford in the Michigan House of Representatives.  His area of interest is international relations, particularly China.  When he graduates, he will likely do post-graduate work in political science and international relations.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Jakana Thomas

Dan Sturdevant is a senior from Lansing, Michigan.  His area of interest is the federal/state court system.  He plans to attend law school after graduating from Michigan State.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Ryan Black

Vincent Szczerowski is a junior from Hawks, Michigan and attended Rogers City High School.  The specific area he would like to pursue in the realm of political science is lobbying for an interest group.  He is extremely interested in the process of formulating and instituting legislation.  He would really enjoy working for a group that represents values he shares and pushing to have those interests met by the state or national legislature.  After graduation, he hopes to secure a position with a lobbying firm in Lansing.  He would be fine working for a multi-client, but would rather work for a firm that pushes for one key issue that correlates with his conservative values.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Matt Grossmann

Nicholas Waterbury is a sophomore from Coldwater, Michigan and is primarily interested in American politics with a focus on the United States Supreme Court.  After graduation Waterbury hopes to attend an elite law school and hopefully obtain a position arguing constitutional law cases for either the government or a non-profit organization.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Cristina Bodea

Sean Weston is a junior from Romeo, Michigan and enjoys comparative/international and American politics.  Following graduation Weston would like to go into government work, preferably at the federal level.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Jeff Conroy-Krutz

Christian Wiesenberg is a senior from Dexter, Michigan.  Wiesenberg is interested in Public Policy, Policy Analysis, Political Culture.  His goal is to attend Michigan State University College of Law.  He would like to graduate with his J.D. and continue his aspirations to be an attorney.  Perhaps run for office in my future.  Faculty Mentor: Professor Charles Matzke