2014-2015 Political Science Scholars

Marina Carabellese is a graduate of Grand River Preparatory High School. Carabellese is majoring in Political Science and has a particular interest in partisanship, voting behavior, and gender in politics. While at Michigan State University, she hopes to gain an internship at the Lansing Capital. Her career goal is to earn a Ph.D. in Political Science and become a professor. Faculty Mentor: Professor Matt Grossman

Erica Chiodo is a junior double-majoring in Political Science-Pre-Law and Criminal Justice. She graduated from Niagara-Wheatfield High School in Buffalo, New York. Chiodo is very interested in our judicial system and studying the discretionary powers of judges. While at MSU, she has studied abroad in the United Kingdom and will be participating in the Michigan Government Semester Program with an internship in a state senator’s office. After her time at MSU, she hopes to attend law school to become an attorney. Faculty Mentor: Eric Juenke

Micaela Colonna is a graduate of Notre Dame Preparatory High School in Pontiac, Michigan. She is pursuing a double-major in Journalism and Political Science and a minor in Spanish. Colonna is interested in judicial politics and foreign affairs. She hopes to pursue a career in Broadcast Journalism with a specialization in Political Science. Faculty Mentor: Corwin Smidt

Medina Dzuburr is a junior from Troy, Michigan. She is majoring in Political Science- Pre-Law and is interested in American Politics, particularly the courts. After graduation, she plans to attend law school and would like to study corporate or intellectual property law. Faculty Mentor: Melinda Hall

Nathaniel Gaynor is a graduate of Notre Dame Preparatory High School in Shelby Township, Michigan. He is earning a double major in Political Science and Journalism, with a particular interest in politics and the media, and how the media affects public opinion. His senior Honors thesis was written on how the media affected public opinion of the Iraq War. After graduation, he would like to pursue a career in Communications and Marketing. Faculty Mentor: Josh Sapotichne

Kyle Goldstein is a graduate of Grand Blanc High School in Grand Blanc, Michigan. He is majoring in Public Policy and is interested in studying fiscal policy and how it is developed and implemented at various levels of government. After graduation, he hopes to earn a Master’s Degree in Public Policy. Faculty Mentor: Michael Colaresi

Nicholas Hall is a graduate of Belding High School in Belding, Michigan. His major is Political Science, and he is interested in researching the influence of religion on politics and terrorism. Faculty Mentor: Steven Kautz

Olivia Hankinson is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy in Forest City, North Carolina. She is majoring in Political Science- Pre-Law and will be attending law school at the University of Michigan after graduation. Faculty Mentor: Ryan Black

Robert Huebel (Bo) is a Public Policy major with interests in foreign and military policy. He also has interests in legislation and the congressional policy-making process.  Along with his degree program, Bo is a cadet in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (R.O.T.C.) and upon graduation will commission as a Second Lieutenant and be an Aircraft Maintenance Officer in the United States Air Force. Faculty Mentor: Ben Appel

Elena Lentz is a graduate of Portage Central High School in Portage, Michigan. She is majoring in Political Science- Pre-Law and is interested in constitutional and criminal law. Lentz is currently working on a thesis involving the separation of powers and the Supreme Court. Her post-graduate aspirations are to attend law school. Faculty Mentor: Cristina Bodea

Connor Lockman is a graduate of Shrine Catholic High School in Royal Oak, Michigan. He is majoring in Public Policy, and is particularly interested in local governments, healthcare, and conflict. Faculty Mentor: Ani Sarkissian

Carly Mach

Lauren Moeggenberg is a graduate of Dow High School in Midland, Michigan. She is a senior majoring in Public Policy with a minor in Public Relations. Following graduation, she plans to pursue a career in lobbying or government affairs within a company or policy think tank. Faculty Mentor: Ryan Black

Renee O’Connell is a graduate of Northville High School in Northville, Michigan. She is majoring in Public Policy and Environmental Biology and is interested in natural resource policy. O’Connell hopes to work in natural resource management.  Faculty Mentor: Valentina Bali

Halie Pizzagoni

Nicholas Scott is a graduate of Charlotte High School in Charlotte, Michigan. He is majoring in World Politics and plans on working in national security or international relations upon graduation. Faculty Mentor: Jeffrey Conroy-Krutz

Veronica Taber

Courtney Tononi

Sarah Tylutki is a graduate of Monroe High School in Monroe, Michigan and is majoring in Public Policy. She is interested in elections and campaigns, and has experience lobbying for intern rights. Her post-graduation goal is to be a campaign consultant. Faculty Mentor: Charles Matzke