2019-2020 Political Science Scholars

Andrea Bair
is a graduate of Buchanan High School and is from Buchanan, Michigan.  She is a political science world politics major with minors in International Development and Political Economy. She is currently very interested in International Relations and how it relates to International Development. After graduation she hopes to continue my studies in International Development and to earn a masters in the subject. Her travels to Nicaragua and Peru influenced her interest in development, but this summer she will be traveling to Brussels, Belgium to study the European Union and expand my broader knowledge in political science. Her ultimate career goal would be to work for the federal government or the World Bank on distributing foreign aid or loans to developing countries. 

Madeline Broderick is a graduate of Elgin High School in Elgin, Illinois. She is double majoring in Political Science-General and Marketing. She is interested in learning about international relations, human rights, and how outside forces can influence campaign results. She is currently doing research on what factors influence Supreme Court Justices when they make decisions. After graduation, she plans on going to graduate school and pursuing a career in political communication.

Emily Corbeille is a graduate of Wylie E. Groves High School in Birmingham, Michigan. She is majoring in Political Science Pre-Law. Her minors are Spanish, along with Law, Justice and Public Policy. Her areas of political interest include the legal institutions of the United States Criminal Justice System, as well as actively advocating for human rights. She is currently working at the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research, studying election-related policies, including newly implemented registration, redistricting, and early voting changes. Following completion of her undergraduate studies, Emily plans to attend law school and pursue a career as a criminal defense, public interest, or immigration lawyer.


Shelby Daniels is a graduate of Lakeview High School and is from Battle Creek, Michigan.  She is a Political Science/ Pre-Law major.  She is most interested in cases and issues involving the Supreme Court, legal research and writing, and public policy. She is currently a policy intern for the Executive Office of Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The issues she is working on include agriculture, gaming/lottery, labor, elections, regulations, and energy/environment.  She is planning to head to law school after graduation and enroll in a JD/MPP dual degree program.

Alexis (Lexi) Fluent is a graduate of Chippewa Valley High School and is from Clinton Township, Michigan.  She is a political science major with a minor in Law, Justice and Public Policy.  She is interested in policy and procedures within the workplace and hopefully pursuing a career in that after graduation. Working for Flagstar Bank over the summer as a Compliance Intern and Operations Partner, reviewing policies and creating risk assessments. She is passionate about criminal justice reform, and the study of juveniles, specifically with the wrongfully convicted, and the reintegration of those once incarcerated back into the community. She has been accepted into MSU Master of Public Policy linked program.

Christine Francoeur is a graduate of St. Johns High School.  She is interested in human rights, constitutional law, and criminology.  She is currently doing undergraduate research that focuses on the Supreme Court.  After her undergraduate studies, she plans to work in the court system to begin her career in government.  She hopes to be an advocate for children as she had an internship position at the Ingham County-Circuit court in the Family/Juvenile Division as a judicial court officer.  She may attend graduate school later to pursue her masters in criminal justice.  Political science and criminal justice interests her because she hopes to make a difference in the world even if it is a small way.

Jason-Michael J. Gabler is a graduate of Cuba-Rushford High School.  He is from Cuba, New York.  He is a physics and political science pre-Law major.  He is very interested in going into patent law or lobbying for research companies. His hope is that his diverse education will make me skilled in multiple areas and help me form a unique way of interpreting different situations.  He plans on attending law school or graduate school, but is still uncertain.

Jasmine Jordan is a graduate of Renaissance High School and is from Detroit, Michigan.  Her major is political science.  She is currently doing research that involves how Black and LatinX students may be isolated and alienated at Predominantly White Institutions.  She is also looking into how schools like Michigan State can make improvements in order to better include students of color. She is specifically looking at housing at Michigan State. She also has done research that analyzes whether there is a connection between number of appearances before the Supreme Court and win rates.  After graduating, she is extremely interested in civil rights law, but she also would like to continue to work in research.

Jena Khasawneh is a graduate of Rochester Adams High School in Rochester Hills, Michigan.  She is a political science and philosophy double major. Her main area of interest is Constitutional law and how it pertains to civil and human rights law. She worked as a MSU Campus Leader on Abdul El Sayed’s Gubernatorial Campaign and is interested in continuing doing campaign work in the future. She also served as a volunteer on the James Madison Human Rights Lab doing research into Myanmar to assist the International Criminal Court’s investigation into the country’s human rights abuses. She is currently serving as a Policy and Civic engagement intern for engage. After she completes her undergraduate degree, she plans to attend law school to work as a human rights lawyer.

Gabrielle Kindig graduated with the full International Baccalaureate diploma from Eastern High School, in Lansing MI. She is currently pursuing a dual degree in psychology and general political science, with minors in Spanish and women’s and gender studies. She now works as a research assistant to the Timing, Attention, Perception lab in the cognitive psychology department, and also conducts research on structural discrimination and education policy in partnership with the Social Science Scholars program and the College of Education. Off-campus, she serves as a board member to the Peace Education Center in East Lansing. Post-graduation, she hopes to combine research and advocacy by working professionally in politics to encourage science-based policy; she’s particularly interested in minority rights, education, firearm legislation, and environmental policy.

Jasyon Law graduated from Cass Technical High School.  He is a Political Science Pre-Law major.  Jayson holds a strong desire to research the mass incarceration of Black men, the lack of educational opportunities and resources for inner city schools and issues of sexual assault.

Molly O’Sullivan is a graduate of Saline High School and is from Saline, Michigan.  She is a Political Science Pre-Law major.  She is mainly interested in civil rights and constitutional law. In the Fall of 2019 she will have finished an internship with the Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence where she focused on the rights of victims of domestic and sexual violence – ensuring that their rights were not ignored during the court process. After graduation she plans on attending law school. 

Liv Page graduated from Rochester Adams High School in Rochester, Michigan. She is majoring in Political Science World Politics with a minor in German Studies. She interested in human rights and how international organizations play a key role in combating violations, specifically the United Nations. She is also interested in refugee and migration flows, specifically from Syria, and the integration of refugees into new environments. After she completes her undergraduate, she is planning to apply for the Peace Corps and research the effect of international organizations in developing countries. She also plans to eventually go to law school for human rights law and continue to serve the people living in developing countries.

Marissa Rivera is a graduate of Southgate Anderson High School and is from Southgate, Michigan.  She is a political science major with a minor in Law, Justice, and Public Policy.  She is interested in Race and Ethnic Politics and Political Theory. She is currently a research assistant for Professor Nazita Lajevardi examining gender disparities in academic publishing and in citations of economics research. She is also a research assistant for Professor Eric Beasley studying misperceptions in criminal justice and healthcare statistics. After graduation, she plans on attending graduate school to earn her PhD in Political Science with a primary concentration in American Politics to become a professor of Race and Ethnic Politics.

Shea Slanec is a graduate of Regina High School in Warren, Michigan. Shea is an undergraduate scholar working toward a major in Pre-Law Political Science. She wishes to be involved in research this year and focus her studies on public policy, specifically regulatory and redistributive policy. Her interests include government, lobbying, international relations, economic policy and women’s rights. This summer she was an intern for the non-profit organization, BuildOn, where she helped plan and host a conference with global leaders to breakdown the succession of poverty, illiteracy and small expectancies. After graduation she plans to work for a law firm for a year before attending law school. Her long-term career aspiration is to be able to service those who cannot help themselves.

Bailey Tjolsen is a graduate of Onsted High School in Onsted, MI. She is majoring in Political Science with minors in Women’s & Gender Studies and Environment & Health. She is interested in public policy and social justice issues. After graduation, she aims to work in political advocacy in the nonprofit sector.