Reckhow, Sarah

Sarah Reckhow is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Michigan State University. Her research and teaching interests include urban politics, education policy, nonprofits and philanthropy, and racial and ethnic politics. Reckhow's work on urban schools has focused on policy reforms in New York City, Los Angeles, and Oakland. Her book, Follow the Money: How Foundation Dollars Change Public School Politics, examines the role of major foundations, such as the Gates Foundation, in urban school reform. Reckhow has also studied the role of philanthropy in developing metropolitan social safety nets in Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, and Denver. This research was published in a report from the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program. She has recently published articles in Urban Affairs ReviewPolicy Studies Journal, and Planning Theory. Reckhow is affiliated with the Global Urban Studies Program at MSU, and she is a member of the MacArthur Foundation research network: Building Resilient Regions. She received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in 2009. Prior to attending graduate school, Reckhow was a high school teacher in the Baltimore City Public Schools.


American Politics, Public Policy

Research Specializations

State and Local Politics

Recent Publications

Reckhow, Sarah, Matt Grossmann, and Benjamin C. Evans. Forthcoming. Policy Cues and Ideology in Attitudes toward Charter Schools. Policy Studies Journal.
Reckhow, Sarah and Jeffrey W. Snyder. 2014. "The Expanding Role of Philanthropy in Education Politics." Educational Researcher. 43(4): 186-195.
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