Michael Bratton, From Power Politics to Popular Power

Last week at the conference in recognition of the contributions of University Distinguished Professor Michael Bratton it was visible the enormous impact he had on the study of African politics.  Professionals from around the world gathered on the campus of Michigan State University to discuss important issues pertaining to African politics.  Click here for the conference flyer.


Panel on authoritarian dynamics in Africa (From left: Richard Joseph, Northwestern University; Dan Posner, UCLA; Adrienne LeBas, American University; Robert Mattes, Strathclyde University.   Credit: Chrissy Scheller


Prof. Boni Dulani, (University of Malawi, MSU Political Science Ph.D.) Credit: Chrissy Scheller


Toasts to Prof. Bratton at Broad Museum reception (From left: Richard Joseph, Northwestern University; Anne Schneller, MSU; Mike Bratton, MSU)  Credit: Carolyn Logan


 MSU Political Science PhD Students at Broad Museum reception (From left: Chrissy Scheller; Mircea Lazar; Steve Anderson).  Credit: Mike Bratton



Prof. Gyimah-Boadi (Afrobarameter Executive Director and Founder of Ghana Center for Democratic Development).  Credit: Chrissy Scheller