Capstone Research Forum

The Master of Public Policy (MPP) Capstone Research Forum is held annually each spring semester.  The Forum provides graduating MPP students the opportunity to showcase their scholarship before a large and diverse audience–including distinguished alumni, college and university leadership, policy practitioners, faculty advisors, family, and friends.

Capstone Program 2017

Below is a list of participants and their projects:

David Briscoe Governing Without Government in Flint, Michigan: The Problem of Economic Growth

Committee: Joshua Sapotichne, Neal Hegarty, Sarah Reckhow, Valentina Bali, Erika Rosebrook

Chunyu Guo The Hidden Costs of Hidden Budgets: How Fixing Michigan’s Roads May Hurt State Parks

Committee: Joshua Sapotichne, Leslie Papke, Erika Rosebrook, Valentina Bali

Hui Huang Equal Work, Unequal Pay? Analyzing the Immigrant-Native Wage Gap in the U.S.

Committee: Shu Wang, Valentina Bali, Joshua Sapotichne, Erika Rosebrook

Yusri Jamaluddin One Person, One Vote: Analyzing Gerrymandering in Selangor, Malaysia

Committee: Cory Smidt, Adrian Hemond, Danesh Prakash, Valentina Bali, Joshua Sapotichne, Erika Rosebrook

Dom Korzecke The Money We Don’t See: Assessing the Link Between Federal Student Loans & Tuition Increases

Committee: Leslie Papke, Joshua Sapotichne, Valentina Bali, Erika Rosebrook

James Laney Wellness by Design: Public Health Policy Innovation in Wayne County, Michigan

Committee: Eddie Fakhoury, Joshua Sapotichne, Maggie Brehm, Valentina Bali, Erika Rosebrook

Alexa Rae Malesky Choice + Governance = The Path to Effective Charter Schools

Committee: Sarah Reckhow, Erika Rosebrook, Joshua Sapotichne, Valentina Bali, Ben DeGrow

Jordon Newton Predicting the Next Urban Fiscal Crisis: Can Big Data Help?

Committee: Joshua Sapotichne, Shu Wang, Valentina Bali, Erika Rosebrook, Eric Scorsone

Xiao Niu Unequal Opportunity: An Assessment of Michigan’s Dual Enrollment Education Policy

Committee: Craig Thiel, Joshua Sapotichne, Kaitlyn Torphy, Valentina Bali, Erika Rosebrook

Zach Polselli “Because it’s the Right Thing to Do”: Universal Meals in the Detroit Public School System

Committee: Maggie Brehm, Erika Rosebrook, Joshua Sapotichne, Valentina Bali

Elizabeth Raczkowski When Solutions Cause Problems: Rethinking Property Tax Delinquency Policies in Detroit

Committee: Phil Cavanagh, Laura Reese, Erika Rosebrook, Joshua Sapotichne, Valentina Bali

Cassie Richard Banking on Financial Education: A Process Evaluation of the Michigan Financial Opportunity Corps

Committee: Rachel Diskin, Brian McGrain, Valentina Bali, Erika Rosebrook, Joshua Sapotichne

Vinny Szczerowski How to Win the Healthcare Battle for Rural Veterans

Committee: Gabe Schneider, Matt Grossmann, Erika Rosebrook, Joshua Sapotichne, Valentina Bali