Capstone Research Forum

The Master of Public Policy (MPP) Capstone Research Forum is held annually each spring semester.  The Forum provides graduating MPP students the opportunity to showcase their scholarship before a large and diverse audience–including distinguished alumni, college and university leadership, policy practitioners, faculty advisors, family, and friends.

2016 Capstone Research Forum

MPP Capstone Program 2016

Below is a list of participants and their projects:

Daniel Casey-DunnHow Michigan Failed Flint: A Tragedy in Three Decisions
Committee: J. Sapotichne, E. Scorsone, V. Bali

Julie CassidyThe Ripple Effect: Collaborative Watershed Governance and Social Learning
Committee: J. Allan, E. Finnell, J. Beecher, J. Sapotichne, V. Bali

Mike CnossenReassessing the Certificate of Need Controversy: Has Market Regulation of Healthcare Services Helped Contain Costs in Michigan?  Committee: J. Goddeeris, P. Menchik, J. Sapotichne, V. Bali

Marcus CoffinWhen States Intervene in Financially Distressed Cities: Contrasting Two Policy Approaches Committee: J. Sapotichne, E. Scorsone, V. Bali

Shuting DengDoes China’s New Pension Policy Crowd out Children’s Support for Their Parents? Committee: M. Porter, J. Sapotichne, V. Bali

Haoshu DuanHas the Post-9/11 GI Bill Improved Education and Employment Outcomes for Post-9/11 Veterans?
Committee: T. Smith, J. Sapotichne, V. Bali

Lauren FaulknerReducing Racial Disparities in Health Care Coverage  Committee: V. Bali, J. Sapotichne, K. Clark

Eric HoughtalingThe Effects of Energy Efficiency Policies on Electricity Consumption and Rates  Committee: J. Beecher, J. Sapotichne, V. Bali

Abram Huyser-HonigImporting Economic Vitality: The Entrepreneurial Role of Michigan’s Immigrants Committee: B. Goei, L. Papke, J. Sapotichne, V. Bali

Juan Loaiza-DelgadoThe Impact of Foreign-Born Populations on Michigan’s Economy  Committee: B. Goei, K. Phillippi, J. Sapotichne, V. Bali

Eva TettehAssessing the Love Affair Between China and Africa: Popular Perceptions of China’s Involvement in Africa’s Development  Committee: M. Bratton, C. Logan, J. Sapotichne, V. Bali

Sean TobinIf Detroiters See It, Will They Pay? Income Tax Compliance and City Services  Committee: L. Papke, A. Shortridge, J. Sapotichne, V. Bali

Pauline WambuaExploring How Sub-Saharan African Nations Can Improve Primary School Completion Rates  Committee: M. Bratton, S. Reckhow, J. Sapotichne, V. Bali

Sean WestonFrom Warfighter to Crimefighter: The 1033 Program and Police Militarization  Committee: R. Black, J. Sapotichne, V. Bali

Xiaodi Zhu The Hidden Costs of China’s One Child Policy Reforms: Finite Resources and Gender Imbalances Committee: S. Wang, L. Lakdawala, J. Sapotichne, V. Bali

2015 Capstone Research Forum

The second Master of Public Policy Capstone Research Forum was held on April 14 at the Kellogg Center.  The Forum provided this year’s graduating class the opportunity to showcase its scholarship before a large and diverse audience of over 130–including distinguished alumni, college leadership, policy practioners, faculty, family, and friends.

Below is a list of participants and their projects.

Kasey Bey – Gender Differences in Civic Participation: A Mixed Methods Approach – Faculty Advisors: M. Rinkus, S. Reckhow, V. Bali

Kent Dell – Term Limits and Polarization in State Legislatures – Faculty Advisors: C. Jackson-Elmoore, L. Papke, V. Bali

Meijun Dong – Why Are the Nation’s Heroes Losing the Battle on Their Homeland?  An Analysis of Barriers to Civilian Employment for Post 9/11 Veterans – Faculty Advisors: T. Smith, J. Sapotichne, V. Bali

Qiang Feng – The Impact of Gender Imbalance on Crime: Evidence from China – Faculty Advisors: L. Lakdawala, G. Chen, V. Bali

Erik Hanser The Impact of Gender Imbalance on Crime: Evidence from China – Faculty Advisors: L. Papke, S. Reckhow, V. Bali

Michael Ignagni One Citizen, One Vote? How Public Opinion, Partisan Support and Ideology Affect Healthcare Policy – Faculty Advisors: M. Grossmann, C. Smidt, V. Bali

Joanne Lamar – Destination: Connecting Detroit for the Health of the City – Faculty Advisors: J. Sapotichne, V. Bali

Stephanie LawaluEconomic Growth and Democratic Development in South East Asia and in the Context of a Financial Crisis – Faculty Advisors: L. Cook, S. Chandra, V. Bali

Michael Sadler Winning the Turnover Margin: The Impact of Stability in College Football – Faculty Advisors: T. Hammond, J. Sapotichne, C. Smidt

Michael SayreThe Impact of the Dear Colleague Letter on Sexual Assault Reporting on College Campuses – Faculty Advisors: L. Papke, S. Schneider, V. Bali

Yahui TangAnalyzing the Effectiveness of Different Local Economic Development Strategies – Faculty Advisors: L. Reese, P. Fan, V. Bali

Chinnapong Trakuldist Understanding Crime: The Factors behind Crime Trends in Thailand, 2004-2013 – Faculty Advisors: M. Nalla, C. Ostrom, V. Bali 

Haining Wang Evaluating the Impact of China’s Housing Purchase Limit Policy – Faculty Advisors: L. Lakdawala, C. Ballard, V. Bali

Blane Wetzel – State Versus Federal Safety Regulation: An Examination of the Effect of State Provisions of OSHA on Worker Safety – Faculty Advisors: J. Sapotichne, L. Papke, V. Bali

Wiequin WuAn Empirical Study on the Impact of Free Cash Flow and Bank Loans on Corporate Over-Investment – Faculty Advisors: T. Jeitschko, L. Cook, V. Bali

Keran Zhu How Renewable Portfolio Standards Impact Electricity Price: An Economic Analysis of 50 States from 2003 to 2012 – Faculty Advisors: L. Lakdawala, J. Zhao, V. Bali

2014 Capstone Research Forum