“The MPP program allowed me to push and challenge myself to the limits and grow intellectually. It dramatically improved the way I approach problem-solving and think about policy issues.” – Herve Mukuna (Fall 2014)

“The greatest benefit I received from the MSU MPP program was the ability to better understand the dynamics of the world around me.  Through the analytical skills, both quantitative and otherwise, that I learned in the program, I am better able to recognize the key elements and variables that go into making good policy.” – Cameron Mock (Spring 2012)

“Three core strengths lie at the heart of the MPP Program.  First, the program provides top-notch training in the kinds of applied statistical tools which are essential to policy analysis, implementation, and evaluation.  Second, the faculty who teach in the MPP Program are readily accessible to students.  Interested students can find themselves attached to faculty research projects or capitalizing on faculty contacts within the policy sector.  Third, the collegiality of the MPP Program is unmatched.  That a group of people with such a diverse set of origins, world views, and professional interests can collaborate as readily as MPP students do is a testament to the culture of the program.” – Ben Evans (Spring 2013)

“I use the skills I learned in the MPP program every day in my work. Whether it is analyzing data, interpreting policy, or making recommendations to improve organizational structure, I am constantly thinking back to MPP coursework.” – Jessica Reed (Spring 2014)

“The program is large enough that you meet and work with other students and professors from all walks of life and varied policy interests.  You will always have someone that shares a similar policy interest as you and you will always have someone that you don’t see eye-to-eye with and that is necessary in an academic setting.  Learning about policy and governments in other countries through international students, and helping them understand American public policy, is an added bonus and absolutely invaluable for policy scholars.” – Ashley Steffen (Fall 2013)

“The MPP program was very instrumental in preparing me for my career.  I learned to use different statistical tools to conduct policy analysis and evaluation.  Now this is the most important skill I rely on as an analyst.” – Yingxu Zhang (Summer 2013)

“The program is an ideal size, large enough to have a diverse group for discussion, but small enough to ensure that every student gets a chance for one-on-one attention from the excellent faculty associated with the program.” – Dan O’Connor (Spring 2011)

Spring and Fall 2014

Xiaoyu Chen, Marketing Assistant and Data Analyst at Soufun, Chongqing, China

Eyup Civelek, Ph.D. Student, Political Science, University of Florida

Lora DiBlasi, Ph.D. Student, Political Science, Michigan State University

Mavis Dome, Research Officer, Ghana Center for Democratic Development, Ghana

Paul Friesen, Program Assistant, National Democratic Institute (NDI), Washington D.C.

Nick Kaczanowski, Teach for America, Michigan

Greg Kellogg, Deputy Director, Livingston Essential Transportation Service, Howell, Michigan

Jay Martello, Teach for America, Oklahoma

Herve Mukuna, Fiscal Analyst, MPHI/MDCH, Lansing, Michigan

Jessica Reed, Analyst, Michigan Municipal League, Lansing, Michigan

Adhrial Refaddin, Program Officer, Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of National Education, Indonesia

Celeste Rousseau, Compliance Auditor, LivWell, Denver, Colorado

Minghao Sun, Researcher, Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China

Xutong Wang, Administrative Assistant, Cambridge Institute of International Education, Boston, Massachusetts

Blane Wetzel, Legislative Aide, Michigan House of Representatives

Yiran Zheng, Analyst, DBS Asia Capital, Beijing, China

Fall 2013

Jennifer Flood, Communications Strategist at Byrum & Fisk Communications

Joe Manzella, Senior Account Executive at Truscott Rossman

Harriet McTigue, Research Administrator in the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at Michigan State University

Margo Sharp, Departmental Analyst, Medicaid Program Policy Division, Michigan Department of Community Health

Ashley Steffen, Government Affairs and Media Specialist at Michigan Protection & Advocacy Service, Inc.

Spring 2013

Alison Benoit

Benjamin Chung Evans, Ph.D. Student, Political Science, University of Rochester

Brian Suzuki

Burak Tufekcioglu, Energy Expert, Natural Gas Department, Energy Market Regulatory Authority of the Turkish Republic

Eric Walcott, Legislative Assistant, State Representative Winnie Brinks

Di Wu, Michigan House of Representatives

Shouli Yan, UFortune Consulting Company

Fall 2012

Matthew Riggs, Michigan Public Health Institute

Muhammad Wahyudi, Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia

Summer 2012

Qiushi Zhu, Products and Group Client Manager, China Citic Bank, H.O. General

Spring 2012

Cameron Mock, Budget Manager for the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget, State of Illionois

D.J. Palomares, Flint Area Congregations Together

Summer 2011

Erik Hans Jonasson, Communications Coordinator, American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

Spring 2011

James Carson, Data Analyst at Title Source

Alanna Maguire, Maguire Consultants

Danial O’Connor, Fiscal Analyst, Senate Fiscal Agency

Spring 2010

Paul Holland, House Fiscal Agency