Career Services


MPP students at Michigan State University have many opportunities to further their policy career prospects by gaining practical experience during the program through internships and by taking advantage of the various services offered.  The program provides career assistance in the following formats:

  • One-on-One Counseling: Students will be able to take advantage of three scheduled one-on-one counseling sessions: (1) Early in the Fall Semester of your first year you will meet with the Director of Career Services to discuss your career goals for the program and how to best proceed to help fulfill these goals; (2) Early in the Spring Semester of your first year you will meet with the Director of Career Services to discuss strategies on how you will meet your internship requirement; and (3) During your second year you will meet with the Director of Career Services to discuss strategies for preparing to enter the job market.  You are additionally encouraged to meet at any time with the MPP Director and/or the Director of Career Services for individual questions and/or to discuss strategies.
  • Internship and Job Listings: All students who have not had sufficient public or non-profit policy experience are required to enroll in PPL 894 (Field Experience Practicum) in conjunction with an internship.  We encourage students to fulfill this requirement during the summer semester of their first year.  The Director of Career Services will assist students in internship placement.  The internship should be at a level appropriate for a Masters student.  We will also try to place students in internships that could assist them in the development of their capstone project.  The Director of Career Services maintains a list of agencies and organizations for potential internships and employment opportunities.  As specific internship and employment opportunities arise, students will be informed through email and the MPP Facebook page,
  • Skill Workshops: MPP will hold workshops during the Fall and Spring Semesters.  These may include workshops on writing skills, resume and cover letter preparation, career paths and alternatives, as well as others.
  • Speaker Events: MPP will sponsor a speaker series featuring prominent MPP alum, faculty, and policy practitioners during the year.
  • Networking Events: MPP will offer special networking opportunities including career panels and social events.

Although we cannot, of course, promise placement, we will make every effort to work with you to find suitable employment and career options.  If you have any questions or are interested in a particular service, please contact Professor Charles Matzke,, MPP Director of Career Services.


The MPP program at MSU trains well-rounded policy graduates with skill sets applicable for different policy career paths; including anaylsis, management, advocacy, and inter-governmental relations.  If you are interested in our students or would like us to announce a job/internship listing please contact Professor Charles Matzke, MPP Director of Career Services, or Professor Valentina Bali, MPP Director,