An internship is an out-of-classroom experience designed to augment a student’s regular course of study.  An internship should provide a student with the opportunity to experience the type of work done by those in the student’s chosen field. Internships may be paid or unpaid but are not considered employment.  Internships are structured to provide a learning experience in the student’s chosen area of interest.

Studies have shown that potential employers consider experience, internships in particular, as the most important factor when considering potential employees. Internships provide students with relevant experience, while still enrolled in the MPP program. Ideally, the MPP internship experience can provide a mentorship opportunity for the student’s capstone project and potentially lead to employment prospects.

All students who have not had sufficient public or non-profit policy experience are required to enroll in 3 credits of PPL 894 (Field Experience Practicum) in conjunction with an internship.  We encourage students to fulfill this requirement during the summer semester of their first year.  The Director of Career Services will assist students in internship placement.  The internship should be at a level appropriate for a Masters student.  We will also try to place students in internships that could assist them in the development of their capstone project. MPP students have interned with a variety of organizations including national and state government agencies, local governments and agencies, think tanks, university centers, non-profit organizations, corporations, and lobby firms. These internships have taken place throughout Michigan, the United States, and the world.