Graduates of the MSU Masters of Public Policy Program are employed in a diversity of positions in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Combining the experiences from two highly ranked departments, political science and economics, MPP students are trained in quantitative and qualitative policy analytical skills as well as subject matter topics. Our students are provided with the ability to work as policy and financial analysts, program managers, non-profit advocates, policy strategists and consultants, professional political staff, lobbyists, researchers, and educators. We have a superior placement record with 94% of our students placed within six months of graduation. As seen in the following charts, our students enjoy a variety of employment experiences.  By category, most of our students are involved in policy analysis, management, strategy, and communications.






By sector, our students are evenly placed in non-profit organizations, state and local governments, and for-profit organizations.





By policy area, our students are able to use the skills learned in the MPP program in a number of different jobs.



By location, although most of our students are initially employed in the Midwest, we have students in all areas of the country and throughout the world.