Alon Kraitzman

PHD Student
Office: South Kedzie 209
My name is Alon Kraitzman and I am originally from Israel, where I graduated from Tel Aviv University. I studied Political Science and Communication during my undergraduate studies and received my M.A. in Political Science, in 2010 (cum laude). My research interests include political and popular struggles in comparative contexts. From 2007 to 2010, I worked as a research assistant on a project that analyzed various ways in which media reports cover both domestic and foreign news in 14 different countries. During that time, I was also an Associate Editor for The Public Sphere, Tel-Aviv University’s journal of political science. While studying at Tel-Aviv University, I have been a teaching assistant for several courses on Israeli Politics, Public Policy in Israel, Israel’s Political Economy, and introductory courses on Research Methods and International Relations.
Expected Completion: 2015
Charles Ostrom Jr. (Chair), Paul Abramson, Michael Colaresi, and Eric Chang