Daniel Hansen

PHD Student
Office: S. Kedzie 209
Daniel Hansen entered the Ph.D prgram at Michigan State in the fall of 2012, coming from the Valley of the Sun at Arizona State University.  There, he received a B.S. in Political Science, along with International, Arabic and Islamic Studies certificates.  He has served nearly 8 years in the US Marine Corps Reserves, including one deployment to Iraq.  This was a particularly influential part of his life, as it helped him to discover and focus on his future professional career.  He has developed a deep interest in International Political Economy, particularly international economics, central banking, financial crises, and the public reaction to these institutions and events.  He is interested in the roots of popular frustrations with the Federal Reserve, how these perceptions have been molded, and whether these sentiments are likely to influence future policymakers and to what degree.  He is also strongly interested in studying the efficacy of Fed and ECB policies since the financial and fiscal crises.  Aside from studies, he has had the pleasure of becoming a husband and a father.  A life-long goal of his is to own a telescope powerful enough to observe the spiral arms of the Andromeda Galaxy.  He is also athletic, and is a pure fan of the NFL.
Expected Completion: 2017