Daniel Hansen

PhD Student
Office: S. Kedzie 226
Daniel Hansen entered the Ph.D prgram at Michigan State in the fall of 2012, coming from the Valley of the Sun at Arizona State University.  There, he received a B.S. in Political Science, along with International, Arabic and Islamic Studies certificates.

My research largely considers what makes a country vulnerable to international financial markets and how this vulnerability impacts the choices which governments make. For instance, I examine whether financial markets influence fiscal policy, how financially vulnerable democracies have worse debt-market access compared with autocracies, and whether financially vulnerable countries are more susceptible to coercion through the imposition of economic sanctions. I also have ongoing work examining how central bank independence can foster democratic consolidation in developing countries, and other work investigating what leads countries to report more accurate growth estimates.

I have been a TA for many courses, including Introduction to International Relations (3 times), Introduction to Comparative Politics, Introduction to Political Science, and International Organizations. Of these, I have taught discussion sections for Intro to Comparative Politics and Intro to Political Science, with 4 sections total. I am also scheduled to teach a course on the politics of international finance in the Spring Semester of 2018 at Michigan State

Expected Completion: Spring 2018