Douglas Walker

PHD Student
Office: South Kedzie 232

Doug entered the Ph.D program at Michigan State in the fall of 2011. In college, he majored in history, a lifelong passion, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from Trinity International University in December 2007. He earned an MA at Georgia Southern University in History in the spring of 2011. His MA thesis dealt with the original meaning of the Second Amendment and its relationship to federalism. Doug is especially interested in political history and the theories behind political ideas. He decided to pursue his doctorate in Political Science in the subfield of political theory. He wants to research in American political and especially constitutional history and theory. Doug loves to play strategy games, and has even invented several historical board games. Other extra-curricular interests include reading, watching football, hiking, and playing basketball.

Expected Completion: 2016
Committee: Arthur Melzer (chair), Steven Kautz, Jerry Weinberger, Ryan Black