Fang-Yu Chen

PhD Student
Office: S. Kedzie 209

My name is Fang-Yu Chen. I came to MSU in the fall of 2012 after receiving a MA from National Taiwan University, Department of Political Science. In 2011, I was first inspired to study the issues of development and inequality when I co-founded the social group “Youth Hoya,” which is concerned with poverty issues and the rights of young people in Taiwan. My research interests include political behaviors, social movements, nationalism, and authoritarian politics. My dissertation topic is “Ruling Party Institutionalization in East Asian Authoritarian Regimes,” in which I will compare former dictators’ ruling parties in Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, and the Philippines. I am also serving as the co-editor of the website “Who Governs TW,” which aims to become a Mandarin version of the Monkey Cage.