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Jaerin Kim

PHD Student

Jaerin Kim entered the Ph.D. program in the fall of 2015.  His main research interest lies in the intersection of political economy and party politics.  He is particularly interested in potential linkages between economic structure, labor heterogeneity, and voting behavior.  His master’s thesis, where he finds that inequality among workers causes labor votes to split, revolves around these topics.  Yet, he is also curious about other spheres of human society that may interact with economic structure to create political outcome, such as electoral institutions, ethnicity, immigation, foreign direct investment (FDI), and technology.

Before coming to Michigan State University, Jaerin received his B.A. (in political science and history) and M.A. (in political science) at Korea University.  He plans to obtain various methodological skills during his Ph.D. course.  In the short run, he will focus on learning statistical skills and coding skills with R and Python.  In the long run, he aspires to present causal map obtained through multiple path analyses.  Such grand project, if successful, will help poorly informed political minorities and enable them to make rational calculation.

In his free time, he enjoys riding bicycle and listening to music.  Although he is all-around listener, he is particularly fascinated by Baroque music and heavy metal.  He also plays strategy games such as Victoria, Democracy, and Hidden Agenda, where he often finds his research questions.