James Laney

MPP Student

James Laney earned a BS in Biomathematics from Our Lady Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas in 2015.  He is a Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Scholar.  James is the son of Army officers and was born in Seoul, South Korea.  From Korea, the Laney’s moved to Arizona, and then to Cleveland, Tennessee.  There, James attended Lee University as a math major, transferred to Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN to study Civil Engineering, and finally made his way to San Antonio to finish his undergraduate period.

James is a math and science tutor and also teaches piano lessons.

He enjoys reading science-fiction novels (The Dune Saga by Frank Herbert is the all-time favorite).  Writing spoken-word poetry, creating music alone or with others, thinking alone in nature or in deep conversations with friends, and getting lost in semi-new environments to find his way out and learn the surroundings better are a few of the many enjoyable activites which make James who he is.

Upon completion of the program, James intends to ‘get lost’ in the areas of community organization and incorporating the policy strategies of other nations to help construct a more unified earth.