Mircea Lazar

PhD Student

Mircea entered the Political Science PhD program at Michigan State University as a university fellow in the fall of 2017. He graduated Summa Cum Laudewith honors from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio in May of 2017, receiving a BA in International Relations, a BS in Economics, and minors in French, Persian/Farsi, and History. As an undergraduate, Mircea studied abroad in Senegal, Argentina, and Tajikistan, and had his first exposure to political science research.

As a student in Comparative Politics, Mircea plans to focus mainly on political behavior, electoral politics, public opinion, and demography. He is especially interested in understanding how voters’ race, religion, gender, age, sexuality, and other categories influence their political decision-making. His principal region of interest is Sub-Saharan Africa.

Born in Romania, Mircea is an avid world traveler who speaks four languages fluently. He is a devoted political junkie and activist who keeps close tabs on all things politics. In his spare time, he also enjoys spending time with his much-younger siblings, reading nonfiction, and staying healthy through a vegan, organic diet and regular exercise.