Lora DiBlasi

PHD Student

Lora DiBlasi entered the Ph.D. program in the Department of Political Science at Michigan State University in the Fall of 2014.  In the Spring of 2014 she graduated from the MPP program at MSU, and received her BA from James Madison College at Michigan State University in international relations with a minor in Russian.

Throughout her undergraduate career, Lora’s main research interests were international adoption and international adoption policy in the United States.  However, during her time in the MPP program, Lora was able to expand her research interests to include immigration issues in the United States, such as access to higher education for undocumented immigrants and eventually higher education funding policies.  Lora’s MPP capstone research project evaluated the impact of various funding policies on college graduation rates through regression analysis and prediction models.  Since then, Lora has also become interested in security studies, the tension between national security-related secrecy and democratic accountability, and how various members of the Intelligence Community interact.