Michael Giles

PhD Student
 Michael Giles (M.A. 2016) is a PhD candidate at Michigan State University. He studies political philosophy and American politics. Prior to his doctoral work at MSU, Mike completed a B.A. in Political Economy at Hillsdale College in 2012. He is a 2017-2018 Humane Studies Fellow.

Mike studies the political theory of Church and State. In the past, he has written on the political utility of religion in the thought of both Montesquieu and Alexis de Tocqueville. In 2016 he studied Latin intensively, for the purpose of more adroitly thinking and writing about this important topic. In his dissertation, he hopes to reexamine the Lockean argument for religious toleration with an eye to its moral and institutional implications for liberal society. His other interests include natural law theory, liberal constitutionalism, and political economy.

His life outside academics is no less busy or exciting: Mike will marry a wonderful lady, in December 2017. He enjoys spending time outside, with his family, or in the presence of P.G. Wodehouse.