Tara Iseneker

PHD Student

Tara entered the Political Science PhD program at Michigan State University in Fall 2015.  Originally from Florida, she graduated summa cum laude from Florida State University in May 2015 where she double majored in Political Science and International Affairs with a minor in Religion.  Before coming to Michigan State, Tara was a research assistant through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program where she studied the foundations of religious freedom within the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.  Her involvement with research played a heavy influence on her decision to pursue graduate school.

As a student in International Relations, Tara is primarily interested in studying international conflict.  Though still open to many possibilities of research focus, she would also like to study the relationship between religion and politics and religious conflict between states.  Alongside this and as an avid lover of game theory, she is interested in studying formal theory and methodology.

In her free time, Tara enjoys doing just about anything new.  She has a passion for cooking and baking, often being found cooking something unnecessarily difficult and complicated.  She very much enjoys the company of friends and family, and loves video games, board games, and puzzles.