Tyler Thur

Tyler Thur graduated from Michigan State University’s James Madison College in May 2016 with a major in international relations, a minor in Jewish Studies, and an additional minor in Science, Technology, and Environmental Public Policy. In the fall of 2017, he joined MSU’s MPP program, with policy and research interests tied to the management of common-pool resources, collective action problems related to sustainability, and environmental racism. In the interim period, Tyler was an English instructional assistant at Glenbrook South High School and a debate coach for institutes at Georgetown University, Michigan State University, and the University of California – Berkeley.


When he is not considering the nexus between environmental sustainability and economic prosperity, Tyler is cheering for his hometown Milwaukee Brewers with an unwarranted optimism, seeking to cultivate ideological pluralism in students through interscholastic policy debate, or obsessing over the latest breaking cable news. Looking forward, Tyler hopes to advocate for underrepresented environmental stakeholders through a variety of governmental and non-governmental venues, including at topical, data-driven think tanks.