Veronica Taber

Veronica Taber is a recent Michigan State University graduate earning a B.A. in Political Science, Pre-Law.  Veronica Taber graduated with honors and was recognized as the Outstanding Senior in her degree program.  She also represented her fellow classmates on the Dean’s Student Advisory Council.  During her undergraduate studies she found her participation in the Michigan Government Semester Program extremely rewarding.  Her background includes a career of 10 years in technology training sales and development.  Her out of the box, customer centric, project focused approach helped create solutions that not only earned her client’s long term business but also gained their trust and respect.

While stragegizing and consulting with fortune 500 companies she also managed to build a family with her husband, Lane Taber.  They currently reside in Dewitt, Mi with their three happy, healthy and active children.  They also have two very cute and spoiled dogs.  They enjoy boating, fishing, camping, biking, cleaning (not really), and reading.  Once her children reached school age she found herself witnessing the imbalance of what was being taught in public classrooms compared to what was being taught in corporations throughout the world.  Having lived with her family in Florida, Michigan, California and Oklahoma she also witnessed inconsistences in Urban and Suburban education.

During her work-life balance she often found herself pondering how she could help with the ever growing ailments of the public education system.  In her career she found that maximizing her client’s return on investment was critical to her success.  She is now interested in learning how to maximize investments in public education to build and maintain social success.

Her current challenge is earning a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Michigan State University in May 2017.  Her intentions are to successfully incorporate her experiences along with the knowledge base she gains to advocate and possibly implement solutions that benefit every learner.  With her dedication along with the help of the exceptional political science faculty, she is looking forward to witnessing her passions come to fruition.