Yusri Jamaluddin

MPP Student

Yusri Jamaluddin is a 2015 graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a Master’s in Business Analytics and a Bachelors in Information Technology and Web Science.

Yusri was recently admitted to the class of 2017 Masters of Public Policy program at Michigan State University.  His policy areas of interest include international relations and elections.

Prior to entering the MPP Program, Yusri interned at the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Office and had previously worked on the Open Government Data project during his studies at RPI.  He has also been involved in doing research and anaylsis for IRIS Institute; a Malaysian think tank since its founding in 2014.  He is a proud Malay native from Bangi, Malaysia and he showcases a traditional Malay costume in his bio.

Yusri is very passionate about data analytics and intends to professionally practice it in his future career as a data analyst.  He can be contacted via linkedin.

Expected date of completion: 2017