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2018-2019 Doctoral Course Schedule



 FALL 2018

PLS 800 Proseminar: Political Theory and Research Methods
Prof. Juenke
F 10:20am-1:10pm

PLS 801: Quantitative Techniques in Public Policy and Political Science I
Prof. Schibber
TR 10:20-11:30am

PLS 820: Proseminar in American Politics
Prof. Smidt
MW 12:40-2pm

PLS 850: Proseminar in Comparative Politics
Prof. Sarkissian
T 6:00-8:50pm

PLS 900-001: Mixed Methods
Prof. Wahman
M 9:10am-12pm
This seminar is a graduate-level course on research design and mixed methods. It is particularly targeted towards students who wish to extend their knowledge on quantitative and qualitative fieldwork methods. The seminar will include segments of theoretical as well as more practical nature. It will cover fundamental research design and data topics, including strategies for case selection and nested and sub-national research designs. It will also cover topics of great practical importance for students planning to undertake fieldwork, such as research ethics and strategies for securing external funding. During the semester, students will have the opportunity to work on their own research designs and funding proposals.

PLS 900-002: Maximum Likelihood/Generalized Linear Models
Prof. Schibber
TR 2:40-4pm
Summary: This is a graduate-level course on the theory and application of generalized linear models (GLMs). In a generalized linear model (GLM), the response variable has a distribution in an exponential family and the mean response is related to covariates through a link function and a linear predictor. GLMs allow a unified theory for many of the models used in statistical practice, including normal theory regression and ANOVA models, loglinear models, logit and probit models for binary data, and models for poisson or gamma responses, multinomial for polytomous outcome variables, etc.. Emphasis will be placed on statistical modeling, building from standard normal linear models, extending to GLMs, and going beyond GLMs.

Old syllabus is available here:

Emphasis will be on teaching students to do simulations to summarize and visualize results (without canned functions, but by writing their own Monte Carlo simulation in R).

Likely candidates for the class: 2nd year students and above

Who could also take the class: Students who have taken some type of MLE class before, but would like to refine their skills with a hands-on approach using R.

PLS 920: Research Seminar in American Politics
The United States Supreme Court: Great Institution or Greatest Institution?
Prof. Black
W 6:00-8:50pm

PLS 960: Research Seminar in International Relations
Political Violence
Prof. Thomas
W 12:40-3:30pm
Topics: Civil War, terrorism, repression

PLS 970: Research Seminar in Political Philosophy
Prof. Craig
F 1:50-4:40pm
Topic: Francis Bacon



PLS 802: Quantitative Techniques in Public Policy and Political Science II
Prof. Schibber
R 12:40-3:30pm

PLS 811: Proseminar in Policy Analysis
Prof. Schneider
W 3:00-5:50pm

PLS 828: Public Opinion and Political Behavior
Prof. Lajevardi
M 10:20am-1:10pm

PLS 854: Comparative Political Institutions
Prof. Chang
M 1:50-4:40pm

PLS 871: Classical Political Philosophy
Prof. Melzer
TR 5:00-6:20pm

PLS 900: Network Analysis
Prof. Minhas
W 10:20-1:10pm

PLS 950: Research Seminar in Comparative Politics
Democracy, Dictatorship, and Regime Transition
Prof. Houle
M 6:00-8:50pm

PLS 960: Research Seminar in International Relations
International Political Economy
Prof. Bodea
W 6:00-8:50pm