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The 2016-2017 Department of Political Science at Michigan State University Job Market Candidates

Michigan State University’s graduate program in Political Science is proud to present our current job market candidates.  Our program produces productive scholars and excellent teachers; many have presented papers at professional conferences and have served as teaching assistants or taught their own courses.  We encourage you to give consideration to our candidates.  For each student, you will find a curriculum vitae and student bio.

m-armaly2016Miles Armaly

Miles Armaly’s research broadly examines the Supreme Court of the United States, probing the behavior of the justices themselves and investigating the nature and implications of mass attitudes toward the Court and the Court’s response, if any, to these opinions.  For more information, please see his personal website at www.milestarmaly.com


Field: American Politics

Advisor: Ryan Black



Seoyoun Choi

Field: Comparative Politics and Public Policy

Advisor: Saundra K. Schneider



Adam Enders

Adam studies political behavior, public opinion, and political psychology. More specifically, his research considers three main topics: 1) the nature of conspiratorial thought and the function of suspicion in the interpretation of political events and orientation of individuals toward the government and politics (the subject of his dissertation), 2) the role of socio-political group orientations in the construction of political identities, and 3) the capacity of core values for belief system organization. For more information, please his personal website at www.adamenders.com

Field: American Politics, Methodology

Advisor: William G. Jacoby

img_0003Petra Hendrickson

Petra’s dissertation,  Parsing the Relationship between Coup Attempts and Civil Conflict Onsets, focused on untangling the relationship that exists between coup attempts and civil conflict onsets. She is currently working on manuscripts related to her dissertation as well as research on the manifestation of some forms of political violence over others.

Field: Comparative Politics and International Relations

Advisor: Michael Colaresi


Robert Nash Lupton

Field: American Politics

Advisor: William G. Jacoby


cparkChunho Park

Chunho Park’s primary research interest is studying how economic inequality shapes various political phenomena, including party competition and voting behavior, in emerging democracies as well as advanced democracies. Beyond his primary interests in the impacts of economic inequality on electoral politics.  He is also interested in various political consequences of political institutions and economic conditions in democracies, including redistributive policies, political business cycles, and ethnic politics, from comparative perspectives. 

Field: Comparative Politics

Advisor: Eric C. C. Chang



Evelyna Radakovic

Field: Political Philosophy/Theory

Advisor: Arthur Melzer



Douglas Walker







Field: Political Philosophy/Theory

Advisor: Steven Kautz