Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships


Each year the Department of Political Science sets aside several Teaching and Research Assistantships for PhD students. Entering students recruited with assistantships may expect a minimum of five years of support so long as they make satisfactory progress in the program.

The call for Teaching Assistantship (TA) applications will be sent to the graduate student email list in the semester prior to the appointments. All students who wish to be considered for a Teaching Assistantship must fill out an application. Applications will be reviewed by the Director of the PhD Program. If selected for a fall or spring appointment, students will receive their assistantship letter by dates mandated by the University. Further information about assistantship policies can be found on the Graduate School website (https://grad.msu.edu/assistantships). The Teaching Assistantship application for the Department can be found here  but is subject to change, so students are advised to monitor their email. Questions about the assistantship application process should be directed to Sarah Krause skrause@msu.edu.


The following is a list of courses often taught by Political Science faculty that may require a TA*:


PLS 100 Introduction to American Politics

PLS 140 Introduction to Comparative Politics

PLS 160 Introduction to International Relations

PLS 170 Introduction to Political Philosophy

PLS 200 Introduction to Political Science

PLS 201 Introduction to Methods of Political Analysis

PLS 202 Introduction to Data Analytics

PLS 301 American State Government

PLS 302 Urban Politics

PLS 304 Minority Politics

PLS 310 Public Administration & Policy Making

PLS 313 American Public Policy

PLS 320 Judicial Politics

PLS 321 Constitutional Law

PLS 322 Comparative Legal Systems

PLS 323 Religion and Politics

PLS 324 Congress

PLS 325 The Presidency

PLS 331 Political Parties and Interest Groups

PLS 333 Public Opinion and Political Behavior

PLS 334 Campaigns and Elections

PLS 342 Comparative Political Economy

PLS 344 Politics of Developing Areas

PLS 345 Religion and World Politics

PLS 346 Middle East Politics

PLS 347 Democratic Regimes

PLS 351 African Politics

PLS 352 Latin American Politics

PLS 354 Politics of Asia

PLS 356 Politics of Europe and the European Union

PLS 362 American Foreign Policy and National Security

PLS 363 International and Domestic Political Conflict

PLS 364 Politics of the United Nations and International Organizations

PLS 371 Classical Political Philosophy

PLS 372 Modern Political Philosophy

PLS 377 American Political Thought


ISS 210 Society and the Individual

ISS 215 Social Differentiation and Inequality

ISS 220 Time, Space and Change in Human Society

ISS 225 Power, Authority, and Exchange

ISS 230 Government and the Individual

ISS 235 Liberal Democracy as a Way of Life

ISS 305 Evaluating Evidence: Becoming a Smart Research Consumer

ISS 308 Social Science Approaches to Law

ISS 310 People and Environment

ISS 315 Global Diversity and Interdependence

ISS 318 Lifespan Development Across Cultures

ISS 320 World Urban Systems

ISS 325 War and Revolution

ISS 327 Risk and Society

ISS 328 The Social Science of Sports

ISS 330A Africa: Social Science Perspectives

ISS 330B Asia: Social Science Perspectives

ISS 330C Latin America: Social Science Perspectives

ISS 335 National Diversity and Change: United States

ISS 336 Canada: Social Science Perspectives


* These courses change from semester to semester and TA assignments depend on enrollment.