MPP Faculty at 2016 American Political Science Association Annual Meeting

At the recent American Political Science Association (APSA) annual meeting in Philadelphia, MPP Faculty Laura Reese (Professor, Political Science) and Joshua Sapotichne (Assistant Professor, Political Science) participated in a day-long conversation among leading scholars regarding the future of urban research: Of Cities and Governance: New Theoretical Approaches to Urban Governance. The discussion focused on new ways to think about city governance and how to connect innovative ideas and research to the broader field of political science.

Reese, who serves as director of MSU’s Global Urban Studies Program, discussed her analysis of submissions to the Journal of Urban Affairs, which summarized recent trends and highlighted the need for the field to incorporate research that is comparative, longitudinal, interdisciplinary, and that applies larger theory.


Sapotichne presented insights from his ongoing research into the causes of urban fiscal distress.