The Department of Political Science is saddened to announce the passing of our former colleague, Harold Spaeth

We mourn the passing of former colleague, Professor Harold Spaeth.

Harold J. Spaeth was Professor Emeritus of Political Science. He received his B.A. from Xavier University in 1952, his M.A. from Xavier University in 1953, a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Cincinnati in 1956, and a J.D. from the University of Michigan in 1981. He joined the Political Science Department as an Associate Professor in 1964 and was promoted to Professor in 1968. He is editor of The Predicament of Modern Politics (1964), author of The Warren Court: Cases and Commentaries (1966), author of An Introduction to Supreme Court Decision Making (1972), coauthor of Supreme Court Decision Making (1976), editor of Classic and Current Decisions of the United States Supreme Court (1977), author of Supreme Court Policy Making: Explanation and Prediction (1979), co editor of The Constitution of the United States with Case Summaries (1987), co editor of Studies in U.S. Supreme Court Behavior (1990), coauthor of The Supreme Court and the Attitudinal Model (1990), co author of State Indecisis: The Alteration of Precedent on the Supreme Court (1995), coauthor of Majority Rule or Minority Will: Adherence to Precedent on the U.S. Supreme Court (1999), The Supreme Court and the Attitudinal Model Revisited (2002), and coauthor of The Supreme Court and the American Legal System (2005). He is past president of the Midwest Political Science Association. Spaeth is the creator of the widely used U.S. Supreme Court Judicial Database that is being expanded with major funding from the National Science Foundation to include all of the Court’s decisions since 1792.

A line from his obituary states, “Spaeth’s life and work have made him one of the world’s most cited judicial scholars.”  To read more, see Harold Spaeth.