Academics & Requirements

Each year, our department updates and revises degree requirements for each undergraduate major. The Undergraduate handbook outlines the degree requirements for students.

If you’re struggling academically—here are a few questions and tips to consider…

  • Have you spoken to your professor/instructor? If not—do so immediately!! Most professors want their students to succeed in the classroom, and will respond to your request for help. Don’t expect them to hand the class to you on a silver platter, but it is always fair to ask for guidance.
  • Consider your schedule— are you trying to do too much? Adjusting your work schedule and extracurricular commitments may help you focus academically. On the other hand, if you don’t have any release for your stress, maybe it’s time to build a space into your schedule when you focus on something fun, something just for you.
  • Do you have a friend in your classes? It’s important to have someone to commiserate with when class is hard, to answer each others’ questions, and to study together.
  • If you miss class— be sure to find out what was covered! Do the work and/or reading that was assigned, then visit office hours, ask your friends— do everything you can to make up for the work and notes you may have missed in your absence.
  • Know the way you learn best— you won’t always be able to have classes that fit your learning style exactly, but it will certainly help you study and work more effectively outside of the classroom. Check out VARK and fill out the Questionnaire. You’ll get some insight into the way your brain works!