About Internship Program

The Department of Political Science Internship Program is designed to ensure that motivated political science students can take advantage of the academic and professional benefits of a university-recognized internship.  The department offers four internship program options.


Michigan Government Semester Program

The Michigan Government Semester Program (MGSP) is offered every Spring semester.  This program is open to students interested in an intensive, semester long study of Michigan Government and Politics taught at the Michigan state capital.  The MGSP focuses on the study of Michigan government and politics and development of professional experience and skills for a career in or related to public service.  This program requires enrollement in six (6) credits of PLS 494, as well as two (2) sections of PLS 422 for four (4) credits each.

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Public Service Internship Program

The Public Service Internship Program (PSIP) is offered during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.  This program focuses on providing undergraduate students an opportunity to secure an internship within their field of interest.  The program provides the student with work experience to give them a realistic exposure to a public service opportunity.  It allows students to enroll in variable credits of PLS 494.

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Washington DC Program

Want to obtain hands-on training in politics and governance at the center of the action?  MSU’s Washington Semester Program has a successful track record of placing interns and improving their employment prospects.  The Political Science Department now offers scholarships, relevant coursework, and flexibility to progress in your major while gaining experience in the nation’s capital.

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InnovateGov Program

Many cities in Michigan are challenged by insufficient resources and increasinly high expectations from their residents for quality services and greater responsiveness to pressing problems.  City leaders and community advocates may attempt to meet those demands through innovative government programs.  The Civic Innovation Immersion Program (InnovateGov) aims to deliver some of this critical capacity to Michigan’s beleaguered cities while providing our students with the opportunity to learn about public sector innovation by doing real work on real public problems.

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Legal Internship Program

The Legal Internship Program is offered during the Summer semester with PLS 392 in the Spring semester prior.  This program focuses on providing students thinking about a career in law with an opportunity to work in the legal environment, under the supervision of licensed lawyers, on actual cases before applying to law school.

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