Urban Politics students create voting guides

Dr. Sarah Reckhow’s Urban Politics students have created two voter guides to assist East Lansing and Lansing voters in making important local election decisions this fall.

One is geared toward the East Lansing City Council elections and can be found at https://www.eastlansingvoterguide.com/ . The second is a Lansing voter guide at https://www.lansingvoterguide.com/ .

In addition to a list of candidates – including Political Science major Warren Stanfield – the East Lansing guide provides voting logistics, information on voter registration, a general guide to the structure of city government and links to the candidates’ views on the environment.

The Lansing guide profiles the candidates for the two at-large seats as well as Ward 1 and Ward 3 candidates. It provides voting details including hours, precinct locations and ID requirements. Finally, the site provides candidates’ views specifically on marijuana and neighborhoods.

The websites were created as part of the PLS 302: Urban Politics.

“What I love about the voter guide is that it makes explicit something we could all probably build into poli sci classes more fully training students for real civic engagement (especially at the local level, where participation is alarmingly low),” wrote Dr. Reckhow in a tweet announcing the guides.