Kesicia A. Dickinson

Kesicia A. Dickinson

Kesicia A. Dickinson is a Doctoral Candidate (ABD) in the Department of Political Science at Michigan State University. She specializes in American Politics and political behavior with a focus on race, ethnicity, and gender politics.

Her dissertation applies a mixed-methods approach to further understand the political candidacies of Black women and public evaluations of them. Her work turns to focus groups to explore the ways in which Black women perceive their racialized gender identity and how this intersectional identity influences the decisions they make as candidates and the strategies they employ to increase their electability. To supplement this work, she also employs survey experiments to test how these efforts undertaken by Black women candidates affect mass evaluations of them. Specifically, she evaluates how candidate training program experience affects voters’ perceptions of Black women candidates compared to their White counterparts, and finds that voters penalize Black women candidates without additional candidate training experience, unlike White women candidates. Together, her work helps us understand the paths that Black women candidates take to forge their candidacies and eventually to electoral success.

In addition to her dissertation, her research interests include voting rights, urban politics, and criminal justice policy. She is a 2018 APSA Minority Fellow and a 2021 NCOBPS Lena Harris Stromile Student Leadership Award recipient.

Teaching Interests:

  • American Politics
  • Race and Ethnicity Politics
  • Gender Politics
  • Urban Politics
  • Public Policy

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