LeFrak Conference on Intellectual Diversity and Free Speech: Day 1

Fri, April 3, 2020 at Lincoln Room, Kellogg Center

Day One of the LeFrak Forum's Conference on Intellectual Diversity and Free Speech include several panelists discussing intellectual diversity.

Panel 1: What are the empirical facts about lack of intellectual diversity in academia and what are the causes of existing imbalances?

 Paper: Neil Louis Gross, Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology, Colby College, author of Why Are Professors Liberal and Why Do Conservatives Care?

Discussant: Lee Jussim, Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology, Rutgers University and author of The Politics of Social Psychology

Panel 2: In what precise ways and to what degree is this imbalance a problem?

Paper: Joshua Dunn, Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science, University of Colorado and co-author of Passing on the Right: Conservative Professors in the Progressive University.

Discussant: Amna Khalid, Associate Professor of History, Carlton College, author of "Not a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy: Why Left-Leaning Faculty Should Care About Threats to Free Expressions on Campus."

Panel 3: What is to be done?

Paper: Musa Al-Gharbi, Paul F. Lazarsfeld Fellow in Sociology, Columbia University and Managing Editor, Heterodox Academy, author of "Why Care About Ideological Diversity in Social Research? The Definitive Response."

Discussant: Conor Friedersdorf, staff writer at The Atlantic and frequent contributor to its special series, The Speech Wars, author of "Free Speech Will Survive This Moment."