Fang-Yu Chen

Fang-Yu  Chen
  • PhD Alumnus
  • Class of 2020
  • Department of Political Science


I am a political science researcher currently based in Taipei (Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan). In August, 2021, I will join the Department of Political Science at Soochow University as an assistant professor. My research interests include authoritarian politics, party politics, political behavior in new democracies, and the US-China-Taiwan relations. My dissertation topic is “Ruling Party Institutionalization in Autocracies,” in which I conduct cross-national comparisons as well as case studies on former dictators’ ruling parties in two country-pairs, Taiwan and South Korea, and Indonesia and The Philippines. In summer, 2020, I acquired a Ph.d. degree of political science from Michigan State University. My previous research appeared on Political Research Quarterly, Journal of East Asian Studies, Journal of Asian and African Studies, The Social Science Journal, and Asian Politics & Policy.