Fang-Yu Chen

Fang-Yu  Chen
  • PhD Student
  • Department of Political Science


I am a PhD candidate in comparative politics. My research interests include authoritarian politics, political behaviors, inequality, and nationalism. My dissertation topic is “Ruling Party Institutionalization in East Asian Authoritarian Regimes,” in which I will conduct cross-national studies on the authoritarian ruling parties in the local level and I will compare the cases of Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, and the Philippines. I started to learn the social justice issues in 2011 when I was a graduate student in National Taiwan University. I co-founded the social group “Youth Hoya,” which is concerned with poverty issues and the rights of young people in Taiwan, participating in several social movements. Later, I became a columnist in several media. Since 2014, I became the co-founder and co-editor of the website “Who Governs TW,” which aims to become a Mandarin version of the Monkey Cage. Currently, I live in the DC area with my family.