Justin Dimase

Justin  Dimase
  • Master of Public Policy Student
  • Department of Political Science


Justin is currently a second year Master of Public Policy student.

A native of New York State, Justin earned a BA in music with a concentration in saxophone from the Crane School of Music, as well as a BA in literature/writing from SUNY Potsdam. Upon graduating in 2017, Justin completed a year of volunteer service with the Colorado Vincentian Volunteers, where he worked as a case manager and activities coordinator at the St. Francis Center in Denver, CO. Through his volunteer experience, Justin engaged in service and advocacy for residents of a low-income housing unit.

At Michigan State, Justin plans to cultivate his interests in social and economic policy. Ultimately, Justin intends to use his skills to effect change in the area of public policy as it pertains to the most marginalized members of our communities.