Thies Ey

Thies  Ey
  • MPP Student
  • Department of Political Science


Thies Ey graduated Michigan State University in the Spring of 2019 with a dual degree in International Relations and Comparative Cultures & Policy. With minors in German and Economics, Thies interned in Berlin under Plan A. Earth and has interned under two Michigan State Senators during his undergrad. Taking interest in International Trade and Cyber Security Policy, Thies is looking to study the impact of technological and online market growth under international trade agreements. Having researched the impact of international media coverage on “The Troubles” in Ireland and the growth of Cyber Security during the post-Cold War era, he is hoping to understand policy adaptation to technological advancements in the media, military, and international marketplace. After graduation, he hopes to pursue a PhD in the field or to enter the state department under the Foreign Service.