Payton I. Hallett

Payton I. Hallett
  • Political Science Scholar
  • Department of Political Science


Payton I. Hallett graduated from Morenci High School in Morenci, MI. He is majoring in Political Science-Prelaw & Spanish.

"Most of the research I've conducted pertains to the judicial branch of the United State's tricameral government, not limited to; analyzing state supreme court officials and cases, coding in Excel, drafting case briefs, and looking at the Supreme Court of the United States and its rulings. This research has been conducted via both guided research and independent study internships. Furthermore, I've interned and participated in the operations of a political campaign - the Averill Campaign that was running for MI's 32nd district during the 2022 general election. Activities related to this experience were consistent with drafting appropriate advertising in English and Spanish, writing case briefs, gathering background information on opponents and moderators, preparing Mr. Marshall Averill for debates, etc. All three of these experiences have been highly rewarding, and I have the desire to continue engaging in such opportunities throughout my pursuits of continuing my academics at Michigan State, going on to grad school, and then becoming a professionally licensed attorney."