Daria Lindquist

Daria  Lindquist
  • Political Science Scholar


Daria Lindquist is a graduate of Pine River High School in Leroy, MI. Her primary major is Political Science Pre-Law with an additional major in Psychology. After graduating with a B.A., Daria plans on attending law school to become an attorney. She has not yet decided on a favored area of law, but criminal law, administrative law, and business law are current interests. Daria works for the State of Michigan and primarily analyzes draft legislation for the Office of Retirement Services, researches current statutes governing each of the four retirement systems Michigan serves, and maintains communication between the Benefit Plan Design Process and Michigan Attorney General Office, which all further inspire her academic interests. Daria’s research interests in the political science field combine with the law and psychology and are within judicial behavior on the Supreme Court, political psychology, and psychology of citizens’ voting behaviors in the United States.