Raúl Rodríguez

Raúl   Rodríguez
  • Dean's Research Associate


I am a Postdoctoral Scholar at the School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership at Arizona State University. I have writings that have appeared in venues such as the American Journal of Political Science (AJPS) and the journal of American Political Thought. The primary focus of my research is American liberal democracy, especially as it is examined in the writings of a French political philosopher named Alexis de Tocqueville. One of the central ambitions of my book project is to argue that a tentative return to Tocqueville’s writings is needed to clarify and understand the crisis of liberal democracy. Before we can understand why liberal democracy is in crisis, we must understand what liberal democracy is. Tocqueville, I argue, can teach liberal democracy to know itself. As a teacher, I seek to introduce students to the fundamental questions of human existence: What is justice? What is freedom? What is happiness? By reading the works of authors who have different answers to these enduring questions, I seek to foster lively debate and discussion in the classroom. In my experience, I have seen that this pedagogical approach can help students from all backgrounds access a genuinely inclusive and excellent education.