PLS Override Form

Course Override Requests

Students who are unable to enroll in courses due to certain restrictions or because the class is currently full may request an enrollment system override in order to enroll. Every department on campus takes care of their own overrides, so the Political Science Department can only grant an override for courses with the prefix “PLS”.

Submission of an override request does not guarantee that the request will be granted. All requests will be reviewed in the order they were received. Students will receive a response typically within a few business days of submitting the form.

 Submitting an Override Request

  1. To request an override for a PLS course, please use our PLS Override Request Form.
  2. Please only submit one override request per course.
  3. If a student is seeking an override because the course is full or because the open/add period has ended, the student should obtain initial approval from the instructor prior to submitting this form. Students will be asked to provide proof of instructor approval (e.g., email communication) once the request is received.
  4. Failure to provide all relevant information may result in a denial of the override.
  5. Required courses for PLS internship programs or independent studies (e.g., PLS 494) will be reviewed separately and a PLS Override Request does not need to be submitted.

For all questions, please contact Political Science Academic Advisors Krista Zeig, or Heather Wilson,