Training Detroit's Future Civic Leaders

October 16, 2019

Joshue SapotichneJOSHUA SAPOTICHNE is the director of Michigan State University's InnovateGov program that embeds MSU undergraduate interns alongside key decision-makers in governmental and civic institutions across Detroit each summer. Students gain experience in public sector innovation and public policy leadership by working on critical problems like water shut-offs and property tax foreclosures.

Over the past five years, Sapotichne and his team have deployed more than 160 students from 22 majors to partner with more than 30 Detroit civic organizations. Today, dozens of MSU InnovateGov alumni work full time in civic roles in Detroit.

“By working with stakeholders to focus on the needs of every Detroiter, we're developing the next generation of civic leaders and public servants in the city of Detroit and beyond.”