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Undergraduates in Political Science at Michigan State University have the opportunity to choose from a large selection of course offerings, to conduct research and work with our world-recognized faculty, to study politics and government abroad, and to translate those educational experiences into the real world with five internship and experiential learning programs that range from small town government, city government, state government, law and courts, and national or international government.

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About the Majors

Political science uses the social science method to describe and analyze political, and especially governmental, institutions and processes.

Course studies focus on general principles and their application to how governments deal with specific policy problems, such as war and peace, poverty, crime, education, energy, pollution, or intergroup relations, and on the factors that affect these problems.

Political science students learn the concepts, theories, and methods necessary to analyze political and policy problems scientifically. Political science is an essential component of a broad education for today’s world in engaging the complexities of modern political forces and changes.

The Michigan State Political Science Department offers four majors, each with different academic programs and requirements. And each major has its own particular educational and career implications. Please browse a summary of each below.

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Students wanting to enter politics, journalism, business or teaching, and students wanting to pursue graduate studies in political science or who want to prepare for employment in international agencies concerned with foreign affairs normally choose the General Political Science program. The flexibility of this program makes it a logical choice for those who wish to sample a wide variety of courses within the political science discipline.

The undergraduate major in political science is designed to provide students not only with a broad education in political and other social sciences but also with the analytical skills essential in many professions. The wide range of career opportunities open to political science graduates includes administrative positions in local, state, and federal government, or in public and private agencies; work with citizen’s action groups and voluntary organizations; employment in the foreign service and various governmental and private international agencies; and careers as teachers and policy analysts. Because additional training beyond the bachelor’s degree is necessary for some careers, many students in political science plan to attend law or graduate school.