PhD student Caleb Lucas publishes paper analyzing Hezbollah's relationships with other non-state groups

January 2, 2020 - Karessa Weir

"Once More, With Feeling: Using Sentiment Analysis to Improve Models of Relationships Between Non-State Actors" was published Jan. 1, 2020 with co-author Kevin T. Green of University of Pittsburgh.

Caleb Lucas, PhD graduate student in the Department of Political Science and a Cloud Computing Fellow, has analyzed official documents released by Hezbollah to meaure their relationships with other non-state groups. By using fine-grained text, Lucas and Green were able to reproduce qualitative accounts of Hezbollah's known alliances and rivalries with other non-state actors with greater accurancy and precision than exsisting measures.  Their technique could assist researchers in improving and developing measures of intra-state cooperation and competition for use in empirical analyses.

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