Three Political Science majors are nominated for prestigious national scholarships

February 28, 2020

Jasmine Jordan, an Honors College junior majoring in political science, has been nominated for two scholarships. PLS junior Andrea Bair and Maysa Sitar, also an Honors College junior majoring in political science, has also been nominated.

Jasmine is the Michigan State University nominee for the Beinecke Scholarship which pays for graduate school for students pursuing a research-focused graduate program in arts, humanities and social science. Jasmine is a Political Science Scholar for 2019-2020.

Jasmine and Maysa were both nominated for the Truman Scholarship which recognizes students with exceptional leadership potential who are committed to affecting change through public service by providing them with financial support for graduate study, leadership training, and fellowship with other students.

Andrea, also a Political Science Scholar and student of world politics, was the third nominee for the Truman Scholarship.

They were among 9 students nominated for nationally competitive scholarships. For a full list of nominees, go to nominees.