Two PLS students chosen for the 2021-22 MSU Homecoming Court

June 6, 2021

The Michigan State University Homecoming Court is one of the highest honors for MSU seniors. Ten Spartan students, including two Political Science majors, have been carefully chosen from a highly qualified group of candidates to serve on the 2021-2022 Homecoming Court. These students represent the diversity and richness of the MSU experience and will serve as exceptional role models and Spartan ambassadors.

Brenda Pilar-Ayala, Mexico City, Mexico

Brenda Pilar-Ayala is student in the College of Social Science from Mexico City, Mexico. Pilar-Ayala is majoring in psychology and political science: pre-law and minoring in Chicano/Latino studies, educational studies and leadership in integrated learning. Due to her passion for education, she strives to work with organizations that help students succeed academically. She’s worked with MSU’s Read to Succeed and service-learning programs that allow her to volunteer at local schools. Her dedication to her studies gave her the opportunity to be admitted into the Psi Chi National Honor Society and Phi Sigma Pi (PSP), an honors fraternity, and was previously her PSP class’ vice president and is now the PSP philanthropy co-chair. With the recent pandemic shifting the focus of many of their initiatives, Pilar-Ayala helped PSP raise funds for necessary equipment that local students in the community need to be academically successful. With her minor in leadership in integrated learning, she is a member of the Bailey Scholars Program, a learning community of scholars dedicated to lifelong learning. This program has made a great impact on Pilar-Ayala’s time at MSU and has given her the opportunity to grow personally and foster and develop her leadership skills.

“As a Homecoming Court representative, I am honored to represent Dreamers, immigrants, and first-generation college students.”

 Headshot of MSU Homecoming Court Member, Brenda Pilar-Ayala


Julian Trevino, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Julian Trevino is from Grand Rapids, Michigan and is in both the College of Social Science and the Honors College. Trevino is majoring in political science prelaw and minoring in French, international development and law justice & public policy. During his time on campus, he has held an active role in several student organizations. He currently serves as the College of Social Science representative with ASMSU where he has introduced and seconded over 10 bills that help advocate for the MSU student body. Trevino is also a member of CRU, the James Madison College Latinx Unidos, the Political Science Scholars Advisory Board and the Honors College Inclusive Excellence Strategic Committee. In the spring of 2020, Trevino studied abroad in Mexico with other students and faculty to assist a local school that aids adults with disabilities.

“I hope to inspire many students to get more involved and to know that no matter who they are or what their story is, that they have a home here, a place to grow, and they have the potential to accomplish anything they put their mind to.”