Intern Spotlight: Matt Sigers

August 17, 2023

As part of the Flint Study Away program, Matt Sigers has been working out of Flint City Hall since June 1. Among his favorite parts of the program has been the chance to get out into the community of Flint. He worked the City of Flint booth at this summer’s Harmony Festival, passing out information about different city programs and items like water filters. 

 “It’s all about getting out in the community,” Matt said. “Getting out and stopping violence. Let’s not have any gun violence here. And I think that it worked pretty well.”

Matt grew up in Birmingham and knew he wanted an experience in local government. But it was Flint Study Away Program advisor Cathy White who really sold Matt on working in the city of Flint. 

 “We just really connected and I felt safe with her, sure that she would find me an internship that was high quality and would really meet my goals of working in local government,” Matt said. 

 He also gets a chance to work in a lot of the different offices in City Hall when they need help in different projects. He’s assisted in the Office of Public Health and Economic Development and found he enjoys working in grant writing. 

He also learned there is much more to the city of Flint than the well-publicized water crisis. 

“Flint is much more resilient than people know. People are much more intense than I thought they were going to be and there’s a lot more love in the city than I thought,” he said. “The city has been wonderful. Every employee is super supportive. They all really love you.”

This fall, Matt will complete his Political Science degree in December. 

“The Flint Study away program offers students a unique opportunity to get hands on experience while making a lasting impact in our community. Interns have the opportunity to effect change in a city that is going through a renaissance and see the direct impact of their work.  This blend of on the site job experience as well as presentations and breakout sessions throughout the term have provided a unique opportunity for these students,” said Domonique Clemons, Genesee County Clerk Register of Deeds and MSU Political Science alumnus.

The College of Social Science Flint Study Away Internship Program offers students first-hand learning in their fields of interest while contributing to the mission of a community organization and revitalization of the Flint area. For more information, contact Cathy White at the Office of Experiential Learning