MGSP 2024 Spotlight: Alexis Ramirez

February 12, 2024

Intern: Alexis Ramirez

Placement: U.S. Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin


Alexis Ramirez is a first-generation college senior studying Political Science at Michigan State University with a minor in Business and Law, Justice, and Public Policy. He is from southwest Detroit and is a proud Latino. Alexis is passionate about giving back to the community, having volunteered at Cadillac Urban Gardens and Gleaners Food Bank in the past. He has previously interned with State Representative Tsernoglou and is now interning with US Congresswoman Slotkin. Alexis plans to have a public service career in government. He enjoys reading about current affairs, gaming, watching films, and sports. Alexis was a recipient of the Michigan Government Semester Program Scholarship for 2024.