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About Me

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science at Michigan State University. My research expertise lies in the Political Economy of International Trade, International Organizations, and Women’s and Human Rights. I am prepared to teach introductory and advanced courses, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, in International Relations, International/Comparative Political Economy, International Organizations, Human rights, and introductory courses in data analytics and quantitative methods. Currently, I am an instructor of record for the undergraduate-level data analytics course at Michigan State University. 
At the core of my research program is understanding the ways in which the politics of trade and international institutions/organizations influence human rights. My dissertation project investigates when and why provisions related to women’s rights make their way into preferential trade agreements. These provisions, for instance, included in a labor chapter and regulate sex-based discrimination in workplace or more recently we increasingly see a standalone gender chapter. I delve into the mechanisms behind the integration of these women’s rights legal commitments by illuminating the negotiation process and key political actors involved in this dynamic. I use a mixed-methods approach to answer this question, including elite interviews with trade negotiators and quantitative analysis using novel data on the classification of gender provisions.  
In addition to this book-length project, I have several working papers that reflect my research interests and my training in a diverse range of quantitative methods. In my co-authored project on official state visits by the United Nations Secretary-General (UNSG), I ask some crucial yet unexplored questions related to the effectiveness of UN diplomacy such as how the UNSG visits impact human rights conditions or foreign aid allocations (work in progress) in the visited countries, using the original dataset of UNSG travel information. Some of my other co-authored working papers use network analysis to examine the relationship between international cooperation and security such as the relationship between trade and conflict, as well as the effect of US foreign policy on international cooperation network.  

Research & Teaching Interests

Research Interest: International Trade, International Organization, Gender and Politics, Human Rights, Network Analysis 
Teaching Interest: International Relations, International and Comparative Political Economy, International Organization, Quantitative Methods, Data Analytics in Social Science 


Office #231 South Kedzie Hall 
268 Farm Lane 
East Lansing, MI 48824 

Personal website: https://www.haeunchoi.com/

Email address: choiha3@msu.edu

Link to CV: https://www.haeunchoi.com/uploads/hcCV.pdf


Ha Eun Choi