PLS Forum: What Happened at the Capitol?

Fri, January 15, 2021 12:00 PM at via ZOOM

Join faculty from the Department of Political Science at Michigan State University as we seek to understand the events and violence of January 6 and help our community navigate contrasting claims of what these events represent and mean for the future of U.S. democracy. We will have four faculty experts on democratization, authoritarianism, and electoral and political violence share how they view what just happened and what immediate or long-term challenges they think it might pose to U.S. democracy. Participants will be able to submit questions during this moderated discussion for our panelists to address.


Erica Frantz, Associate Professor

Christian Houle, Associate Professor

Jakana Thomas, Associate Professor

Michael Wahman, Assistant Professor

Moderated by PLS Chair Corwin Smidt.