Mixed Methods Workshop

Thu, April 27, 2023 at Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center

The Political Science department at Michigan State is hosting a Mixed Methods Workshop. The all-day mixed methods workshop features four experts who have employed mixed methods in their research: Emily Gade (Emory), Zachary Steinert-Threlkeld (UCLA), Rana Khoury (Urbana-Champaign), and Justine Davis (Michigan). While these scholars are political scientists each of their research areas employs a number of different methodological tools from image analysis via deep learning approaches to network analysis to qualitative work. This is an ideal opportunity for students interested in employing a diverse set of methods to ask questions of leading experts who use these tools everyday in their research. 

The workshop is scheduled for April 28, 2023 at the Kellogg Center. We have arranged a meetup on Thursday (April 27th) at Ellison Brewery in East Lansing (https://ellisonbrewing.com/), from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. 

On April 28, breakfast will be available at Kellogg Center (https://kelloggcenter.com/) from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM. The workshop will commence at 10:00 AM at the Kellogg Center, East Lansing, MI. Each of our four speakers will provide a 15-minute presentation, followed by a 30-minute discussion session. 

A lunch break is scheduled from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM. From 130pm to 3pm, we will host a panel with our guest speakers on the challenges and opportunities of mixed methods research. The workshop will conclude with a reception from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. 

So that we can plan appropriately, please fill out the survey at this link (https://forms.gle/97XzR4E7HnLrXUzF9) by Friday of next week (April 14th). Additionally, for those parking their cars come to us during the conference and we will help you get your tickets validated. 

We look forward to your participation and hope to see you there!